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● Graduation day (2013/3/2)

● Restaurant Party, celebrating the graduation with a restautant party


● Welcome party for new members


● Temakizushi Party, celebrating Senior & Master Thesis submission (2012/2/6)


● Welcome Picnic: all the members went to maruyama zoo for welcome new members (2011/7/18)


● Welcome Picnic: having a picnic in moere park(2010/7/17)


● Welcome Picnic: having a lunch in the restautant of hokaido University(2009/7/17)

2008.10 - 2009.3

● Graduation day (2009/3/25)

● Temakizushi (Hand-rolled Sushi) Party, celebrating Senior & Master Thesis submission (2009/02/06)

What is Temakizushi (Hand-rolled Sushi)?
There are many types of sushi in Japan. Usually Nigirizushii, a rice ball with a piece of fish on top, is served at Japanese restaurants.

Temakizushi (hand-rolled sushi) is very popular at home however, because it is much easier to prepare and to make. Temakizushi looks like a cone. It is surrounded by a sheet of Nori (dried seaweed) with various Neta (seafood, vegetable, egg omelette, etc) in the middle. Usually rice, Nori and Neta are placed on the table and everybody rolls their own.

2008.4 - 2008.9

● Welcome Picnic: Cherry & Strawberry Picking! (2008/7/12)


On the following day, some members also enjoyed BBQ party.

2007.4 - 2008.3

● Graduation day (2008/3/25)

● Temakizushi Party, celebrating Senior & Master Thesis submission (2007/12/22)


● Welcome Party (2007/05/25)

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2006.4 - 2007.3

● Graduation day (2007/03/23)

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● Dr. Adachi's home party, featuring "Pot-au-feu" made of Izumi's homemade bacon! (2007/02/17)

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● Kimchee Hot Pot Party, celebrating Senior Thesis submission (2007/02/16)

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● "Lunchtime Poster Gathering," part of the Initiative for the Attractive Education in Graduate School (2006/09/25)

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● Welcome picnic for new members (2006/05/07)

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